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8 Tech News of Jan, 2017

Here are some popular tech blogposts 

Is outsourcing blog content good for your blog?
If you have been thinking about creating a wordpress blog, congratulations! Having an entrepreneurial urge, but wanting to start it out without taking on too many additional expenses, is a great way to get your feet wet without getting in over your head.

Few Facts About Minimalistic Web Design
Minimalistic web design is one of the biggest modern trends in this particular area. Those who are new to web design, or fail to keep up with the latest industry news and goings on, are finding this a little strange.

Blogging Doesn’t Have to be Difficult
If you’re just starting to blog you may find yourself overwhelmed.  Even if you love your topic, you may find yourself in a classic case of writer’s block.

More and more internet users are blogging these days. Anyone from CEOs and celebrities to your local grocery store cashier can take to the internet to express their views, share stories, images, videos, or sell the stuff they don’t need any more.

You can be in deep trouble if you are creating a WordPress blog or planning to run a Blog on any other CMS for that matter and you’re ignorant of both the vulnerabilities of these CMS and your enemy (the hackers) who might exploit these vulnerabilities to create havoc on your Blog.

Free WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using
If you are creating a WordPress blog, chances are high that you will need a lot of essential wordpress plugins to improve the functionality of your wordpress blog.

Website Design Mistakes That Can Kill The Conversion rate of Your Website

Color Equilibrium for Blog Design
Color theory is vastly underrated in most aspects of life. But the human subconscious develops an opinion of the subjects it views based purely on its visual qualities in the first five seconds of viewing it.


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6 Awesome Tech News of Jan 2017

Here are some of the most interesting news articles posted in the tech industry - 

The Art of Finding Keywords
Several years ago, finding keywords was a breeze. Most of us can remember when coming up with a competitive keyword phrase was as easy as finding a niche market, buying an exact match domain name

People don’t read much online right? Well, most people think in line but the truth is if you can make the title of the blog post interesting and intriguing enough, you will be able to grab the attention of the audience easily

Engage your Visitors with Video Game Techniques
Did you know that interactive games could teach you a thing or two about web designing? Like website designs, good game interfaces should be enticing and capable of dealing with repetitive actions within a limited time.

Redesigning B2b Website With SEO In Mind
SEO initiatives are aimed at garnering the trust of search engines over a period of time. Therefore implementing SEO, when…

Best Posts of 2017, April

How to Survive a Major Google Algorithm Update?Google periodically applies algorithmic changes and this often affects many websites. They could lose ranking and this will result in drastic drops in web traffic.
How to Compete for Highly Competitive Keywords? We often find that competition is incredibly strong for our selected primary keywords. There are steps we should do if we face a very strong competition.
How To Create An Actionable Marketing Strategy? It is clearly essential to have a plan that can be implemented very easily. There should be huge demands for our products and we need to spend a large amount of money to ensure better profitability. 
SEO v/s Content Marketing: Which Is Better?Content marketing is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even few years back, the technical aspects of SEO involved in optimizing a site for search engines were considered to be the primary focus for any SEO specialist.
5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Right Now
Improving your blog qual…