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Best Posts of 2017, April

How to Survive a Major Google Algorithm Update?Google periodically applies algorithmic changes and this often affects many websites. They could lose ranking and this will result in drastic drops in web traffic.
How to Compete for Highly Competitive Keywords? We often find that competition is incredibly strong for our selected primary keywords. There are steps we should do if we face a very strong competition.
How To Create An Actionable Marketing Strategy? It is clearly essential to have a plan that can be implemented very easily. There should be huge demands for our products and we need to spend a large amount of money to ensure better profitability. 
SEO v/s Content Marketing: Which Is Better?Content marketing is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even few years back, the technical aspects of SEO involved in optimizing a site for search engines were considered to be the primary focus for any SEO specialist.
5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Right Now
Improving your blog qual…